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An afternoon between mixology, pairing and friends, Viridiana González and Alejandra Pulido, passionate about Mexican culture and tequila, decide to break paradigms of tones and achieve the fusion of Tequila with the contrasts and nuances that make today's Mexico a captivating country.

  We are a Mexican company with more than 10 years of experience, passionate about providing unique experiences with unmatched colors and flavors with the highest quality. As we grow, we maintain our commitment to social responsibility and excellence in everything we do, ensuring Let every drop of our tequila tell a story of passion and Mexican pride.


Tequila and colors are identified as symbols of Mexico, they have always been a fundamental part of Mexican culture and all its artistic manifestations, which is why we developed the first colored tequilas with a unique identity that infects our history and tradition, transmitting emotions. with lively and happy tones.

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